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Calibrations / Repairs

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WB Johnson Instruments has collaborated with Qal-Tek Associates, an ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory, to perform all calibration and repair services for WB Johnson Instruments as the WB Johnson “Authorized Service Center”.

For information of all of Qal-Tek Associates capabilities and experience, please visit their website at www.qaltek.com or call 1-888-523-5557.

Our Calibration pricing is as follows:

Model Price
GSM/DSM 115,500,502,503,504,506 & 525 $95.00 with single probe
2000W Survey Meter (Extending) $150.00
GSM/DSM 501 (Micro-R) $100.00
AM-801 Inspection & Calibration $350.00
Previous WB Johnson Models $95.00
Additional Probes $55.00 ea
Prices only valid in US and Canada. Please contact for international pricing.

Mail in Service

For easier service, you can download a copy of our sevice request or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Please include a copy of your service request with all instrument packages sent in for service.

Please send all instruments to

WB Johnson Instruments
Cal/Repair Dept.
3998 Commerce Circle
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

For any questions or service status, please contact us at 208-557-6945

Service Request Form



    Service Needed:

    Malfunctioning Symptoms, Special Instructions, etc.

    Instrument/Probe Model Number

    Serial Number

    Call for PO#

    Call with Estimate